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August 10, 2005

Spammer Gets Cooked

Written by
Kendall Schoenrock

Spammer Scott Richter finally got what was coming to him. Microsoft won a $7 Million settlement from one of the major players clogging your inbox. Richters company, now claims to have made serious changes to the way it operates.This story caught my attention since I spent some time in the anti-spam world.
As many of you know, TurnTide was the organization I was working with when it was acquired in July of 2004 for $28 Million.

Richter, the self proclaimed “high volume email deployer” was on our radar and was interviewed[9.8 MB Movie] by the Comedy Central Daily Show a while back. During this hilarious interview the well known spammer had the audacity to say, “What we do is not SPAMing, it’s high deployment email sending. We send out a couple hundred million emails a day.” — Scott Richter, CEO OptInRealBig, LLC

I’m glad to see he got what was coming to him. Hopefully this will send a message to others that are looking to enter the world of unsolicited email. If you’re looking for another point of view on the spam subject, be sure to check out Ray Everett-Church on Dateline NBC. Here is a transcript of the story.

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