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October 22, 2006

Vail Valley

Written by
Kendall Schoenrock

I was able to sneak away this weekend and visit my parents house out
in Colorado. One of the things I enjoy doing is following the real
estate market in Vail valley. There is a spec home that caught my
attention. The home is on the market for $14,900,000.00. The lot was
purchased for around 3 million. So let’s take a moment and break down
the math. Realize that this is only my analysis and I am only
estimating these values. So let’s assume they have $3m in the dirt
and 6-7m in building costs. If you subtract out commission and
estimated holding costs, the investors in this property will take away
3-4 Million dollars on the deal. And that is using pretty conservative
estimates. You’ve gotta love the vail valley.

Currently my mom and I are wrapping up a dinner at a pizza joint in
edwards, co. When I get back to a computer I will try to snag a link
to the home that I discussed above.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my mobile blogging. Drop me a line and let me
know what you think.
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