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March 12, 2007

Sites I Used Last Week

Written by
Kendall Schoenrock

I’ve been changing up my passwords and I thought I would take this time to breakout a list of sites / accounts that I have scattered across the net. I think we forget how many interactions we have and how far we cast our net. I am sure there are more, but these are just a few that made it into this post.
In order in which I used them:

1.) My Website / WordPress Blog / My hosting company

2.) – How I sync my files between multiple computers and acts as a live backup.

3.) – Reviewing a new contact I just made.

4.) – How are sales?

5.) – Checking my email.

6.) My Bank in Kansas – Reviewing my bank statements

7.) Wachovia – Reviewing my bank statements

8.) Discover Car – Reviewing my Credit Card Statments

9.) MBNA… err, um now, Bank of America – Reviewing my Credit Card Statments

10.) Paypal – Did you know you can make 5.02% interest by keeping your cash here?

11.) MyBlogLog – Who’s visited my blogs?

12.) Digg – What’s new with the uber geeks?

13.) – Doing some random surfing and checking in on how many bookmarks wallhogs has.

14.) Foldershare again – I was sharing a folder of picutres with my friend Matt Karycki.

15.) iTunes – I just purchased the new Gwen Stefani tracks. I’ve been resisting, but they’ve grown on me recently.

16.) Google Analytics – How much traffic are my sites getting? (Both personal and professional) What are the bounce rates, etc.

17.) Google Adwords – What’s the spend?

18.) FTP server – Updating the photographers page.

19.) Wallhogs WordPress Blog- Wanted to post a sneak preview to our new site.

20.) YouTube Account. I’ve uploaded a few Wallhogs Video’s and a collegue wanted to put a video on their site to help promote Wallhogs.

21.) IntelliContact – This is the company we use to do our email campaigns to our users.

22.) The Logo Homepage’s WordPress Blog – Wanted to write a quick post.

23.) Pandora- I was cooking Penne Vodka and wanted some music for the kitchen and the mood.

2 comments for this post.

  1. Comment from Wayne Smallman on March 17th, 2007 :

    I use LinkedIn just to have a foothold on their, I don’t really use it as such. It’s just a profile thing, nothing else.

    I use MyBlogLog daily, but I’m not one of those constant joiners. I’ll join a community or add someone as a contact if they’re useful or a worthwhile person to know. What I won’t do is just connect with them to be seen. I hate that.

    I like to use Digg to uncover topics to ‘blog about, although I usually don’t ‘blog about them directly. I usually come at a story from an angle that interests me, that’s typically missed in the original article.

    I practically live out of, Google Analytics and AdSense.

    I also use Technorati to follow up on back-links and FeedBurner to se who’s subscribing…

  2. Comment from robert on June 14th, 2007 :

    hi all.

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